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Curved Steel

STW001Curved Steel
Code : STW001
STW002Curved Steel
Code : STW002
STW003Curved Steel
Code : STW003
STW004Curved Steel
Code : STW004
STW005Curved Steel
Code : STW005
STW006Curved Steel
Code : STW006
STW007Curved Steel
Code : STW007

Steel Gate

STG001Steel Gate
Code : STG001
STG002Steel Gate
Code : STG002
STG003Steel Gate
Code : STG003
STG004Steel Gate
Code : STG004
STG005Steel Gate
Code : STG005
STG006Steel Gate
Code : STG006
STG007Steel Gate
Code : STG007
STG008Steel Gate
Code : STG008
STG009Steel Gate
Code : STG009
STG010Steel Gate
Code : STG010
STG011Steel Gate
Code : STG011
STG012Steel Gate
Code : STG012
STG013Steel Gate
Code : STG013

Steel Spiral Stair

SSST001Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST001
SSST002Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST002
SSST003Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST003
SSST004Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST004
SSST005Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST005
SSST006Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST006
SSST007Steel Spiral Stair
Code : SSST007

Steel Handrail

STH002Steel Handrail
Code : STH002
STH003Steel Handrail
Code : STH003
STH004Steel Handrail
Code : STH004
STH005Steel Handrail
Code : STH005
STH006Steel Handrail
Code : STH006
STH007Steel Handrail
Code : STH007

Steel Fence

STF001Steel Fence
Code : STF001
STF002Steel Fence
Code : STF002
STF003Steel Fence
Code : STF003

Special Promotion

Dull Stainless GateDull Stainless Gate

Dull Stainless Gate with installed 9,500 Baht/sqm.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Steel Spiral StaircaseSteel Spiral Staircase

Steel Spiral Staircase. Make by order (Maximum 3 meters high) at 39,995 Baht/Set.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Powder CoatingPowder Coating

Powder Coating. Spray paint services with modern equipment. Special price of product launches 40%.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Wooden Stainless GateWooden Stainless Gate

Wooden Stainless Gate include motor control by remote. With installation 75,000 Baht per set (Standrad size 2 m.x 4 m.)
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545