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Stainless Factory

Shade Sails

Services: Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. offers superior quality service, custom designed products to suit client requirements. Our service is second to none, Please give us a call or email us for your enquiry, We will contact you promptly.

We guarantee the quality of our professional team. You can contact us at the following channels.

Contact Khun Chai
Telephone : Chai 065-2544545
E-mail : stainlessfactory.pk@gmail.com
Line ID : 0817875680

Our Products
All Shade has designed premium shade products to add an aesthetic appeal for your sun protection and weather prevention needs. Our shade products provide up to 95% UV protection and gives endless comfort to you and your family and weather protection to your property.  They are engineered and built to last with guarantees of 10 years on the frames and 10 years on the cloth. Multi-year warranties give owners the comfort of knowing that their investment is well protected.

Our canopies, awnings, carports, shade ports, shade sails, sun gazebos and sun shades are made of the finest materials and are superbly finished.  We use the finest quality UV protected high-density polyethylene shade netting. Our products are designed and engineered by qualified engineers and built to local code requirements.

All of our shade products provide protection for almost everything under the sun, and will make outdoor living areas more usable and enjoyable. At home, our patio covers and shade sails will provide a cool oasis of shade; the shade canopies will protect your children from harmful UV rays while they play; and the carport canopies will protect your car or boat from sun and hail damage. For your business, the cool shade provided by our shade structures can increase your customer's comfort, encouraging them to stay longer and to return. Restaurant awnings increase dining space and carports in auto dealerships will keep the cars cooler and provide shade for potential purchasers. Schools and child care centers are increasingly providing extra shade with our covers for child playground equipment and patio covers to decrease heat stress on children and increase their enjoy ability.  Sports facilities will increase active participation of sports fans by providing covered bleachers.

Contact us and we will provide you with shade products that will improve your home or business.

What is Shade Sail?
These are the real thing (tensioned fabric structures) not cheap copies  
These Soaring Shapes Can Be Used in Large Commercial Structures or as Patio Covers & Awnings.
Shade Sails are made of high density polyethylene shade cloth that is especially manufactured with tensioned fabric structures in mind. The knit is made using monofilament and tape filler. The fabric is treated with a UV stabilizers to give it long life in direct sunlight. Depending on color, the average shade rating is approx. 90% and the UVR block is approx. 95%.

Custom and commercial sails are manufactured with a stainless steel cable double locked stitched into its perimeter. This cable terminates at a stainless steel ring located at each corner. These rings are then used to fasten the sail by either a shackle or turnbuckle to a hard point either on a post or existing structure. Each corner is further reinforced with extra layers of cloth and strapping to distribute forces. All stitching is performed using a locking stitch; outdoor "awning maker" thread is used throughout. The size of the stainless cable and rings as well as attachment hardware are engineered to be the appropriate size for each sail and application.

The perimeter of each sail has a catenary curve designed into it that controls the fabric tension in the center of the sail. Therefore, when tension is placed on the perimeter cable, the fabric will have uniform tension. They do not sag or flap in the wind.

Attachment hardware is all marine grade stainless steel and has locking mechanisms to assure that sails do not detach or come loose accidentally. Generally, one turnbuckle is used per sail, and the remaining corners are attached using "D" or "Twist" shackles of the appropriate size for the expected corner loading.

Sails can be attached to existing structures with a variety of common or custom made brackets and hardware. They can also be supported by their own columns made of either timber or steel pipe. We prefer to use schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe embedded in concrete footings. The dimensions of the pipe and the footings are engineered for each sail and its application depending on the size of the sail and the expected wind loading. The columns can then be powder coated or painted to help protect them and provide the desired color. If timber posts are used, then we generally use temporary power poles with a preservative added to the wood.

Depending on local building codes and engineer’s requirements we add either threaded rod or rebar to the footings or posts to tie the concrete and post together. In general, there is very little gravitational load, but uplift is the concern, and footings can be quite deep.

Shade Sails, Tensile Structures and Tension Shade Shade sails, tensile structures and other tension shade structures are modern and architecturally distinct version of traditional shade canopies. Completely customizable sail shades and tension structures are available in triangular, rectangular and square configurations of any size and feature heavy duty custom hardware and attachments as well as technologically advanced outdoor tensioned fabrics designed and engineered for stability, durability and exceptional architectural appeal. Please call us to schedule a free on-site consultation and written estimate for your custom tension fabric structure. We look forward to hearing from you!

Shade sails are both whimsical and sophisticated, offering majestic, architecturally-soaring yet practical shade options for patios, playgrounds, parks, and commercial spaces. Sail shades can be combined in sets of multiple units, set at various heights and/or in multiple colors to create a visually striking and artistic structure that will complement nearly any building or landscape style. Best of all, shade sails are, due to their structural simplicity, among the most value-priced awning structures available. And, unlike mass-market versions, our shade sails are constructed of superior, reinforced, UV-protected and fire-rated sailcloth fabrics.

Planning and Design of your Shade Sail.


You probably already have an area in mind that you intend to cover with a sail shade.

There are numerous points to consider when planning your Shade Sail and as with all building projects not enough emphasis can be placed upon the importance of this aspect of the process. Thorough planning will ensure that your shade sail provides the benefits you intend it to.

As the sun moves across the sky from where it rises to where it sets the shade envelope created by your shade sail will also move. Additionally as seasons change the angle of the sun also changes. Very careful consideration should be given to your particular requirements when planning the location of your shade - remember the shade envelope from your sail will only ever be directly below it when the sun is at it's very highest point. ( A simple but effective method of determining the "shadow throw" of the sun at a particular time in your location is to suspend lengths of rope at the approximate height and shape of your proposed shade sail and observe the shadow line at different times of the day ).

We recommend that you install your fixing points further away from each other than the actual shaded area you desire.


Shade Sails are attached to free standing uprights (or suitable existing structures**) and therefore do not have any form of structural roofing support.

** Fixing to Existing Structures - Shade Sails place considerable loads/force on fixing points. If you are unsure that your existing structure ( ie: house, pergola, garage, shed etc) is structurally adequate to handle such loads, we recommend that you contact a local engineer or qualified building contractor for confirmation or use free standing steel uprights. 

Shade Sail fixing points must be set at least at two alternate heights (This is to ensure that the sail does not trap water). Generally a square or rectangular shaped Sail will require two higher and two lower fixing points, with posts of equal height set at diagonally opposite corners to create a visually stunning and functional structure. A triangular shaped Sail will require one higher fixing point.

A flat sail or a triangle sail is harder to tension correctly, will "flap" around in the wind, and will pool water for long periods of time, putting excess loads on both the sail and the fixing points.

Ref: http://www.bvanzuidenasia.com/fabric.html
Sunbrella performance fabrics are created in jacquards, textures and patterns, Sunbrella is now available in looks you never imagined in a performance fabric. Soft chenilles, crisp double-cloths, rich stripes, plush velvets, elegant damasks. All 100% Sunbrella, and all durable, fade-free and easy to clean with soap and water.

Whether you're looking for the beauty of Sunbrella upholstery fabrics, the romance of Sunbrella sheers or the protection of an awning made with Sunbrella awning fabric, you've come to the right place.

Sunbrella fabrics are stunningly beautiful and ideal for long lasting décor in your sunroom, dining room, living room, and bathroom.

Extend your interior living style and elegance onto the patio, deck, and even into the garden if you seek a shady oasis away from your home's exterior with Sunbrella fabric umbrella covers created for the great outdoors.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin. Consider shade products featuring Sunbrella as part of your complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreens.

Does not apply to styles of Sunbrella that are designed for transparency, such as Sunbrella Sheers.

Sunbrella® Shadow care & cleaning
One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella® brand fabrics looking good and to delay deep or vigorous cleanings is to properly maintain the fabrics. This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

Sunbrella® Shadow care & cleaning (pdf) / Stain chart

Machine washing

  • Pre-treat any heavily stained areas with an appropriate stain remover (see Stain Chart).
  • Depending on wash load size, use normal amounts of mild laundry soap.
  • Machine wash in warm water (less than 100°F/38°C) for best results.
  • Air dry.

Spot cleaning

  • Apply a light mist of mild soap and water using a spray bottle.
  • Work the solution into the stain by lightly scrubbing the area with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  • Air dry.
  • Repeat these steps until stain is removed.

For stubborn stains and/or mildew
Sunbrella fabric does not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. To clean mildew, or other stubborn stains:

  • Add 1 cup of bleach (8 ounces) to the cleaning solution as suggested in Mashing Washing section.
  • Soak fabric for 10 – 15 minutes in the diluted cleaning solution (stop machine prior to agitation).
  • Machine wash in warm water (less than 100°F/38°C) for best results.
  • Air dry.

If stain and/or mildew are severe, bleach quantities may be increased.

Professional cleaners
When evaluating the services of a professional firm, you should inquire about the firm’s experience in working with Sunbrella fabrics and knowledge of cleaning requirements. DO NOT dry clean Sunbrella fabrics.

Helpful hints
Protect the area around your Sunbrella fabric when using a bleach solution – bleach may discolor non-Sunbrella fabrics. Always rinse Sunbrella thoroughly to completely remove bleach.

Sunbrella air dries very quickly. Machine drying is not necessary.

If fabric has some wrinkling, use an iron, if necessary, but only on the synthetic* setting. As some irons exceed the recommended 100°F/38°C temperature on the synthetic setting, test a small inconspicuous area before ironing entire piece.

DO NOT use a steamer or iron set to steam setting.

* Synthetic fabric heat settings normally do not exceed 150°F/66ºC.

Shade sail Installation Instructions

DISCLAIMER (Read carefully) The following installation suggestions are offered as a courtesy to mail order purchasers and to facilitate accurate ordering of the product. Shade Sails does not and cannot know the specific intentions of purchaser stress factors, variables for the area such as soil, wind condition and exposure, existing structure strength, local access codes, etc. The following is offered only as a highly generalized summary of installation methods used successfully by Shade Sails in the past. Shade Sails makes no extension of warranty by these general guidelines and disclaims any responsibility for the installation, design of installation, engineering requirements, code compliance or any other installation related matter. Shade Sails offers these services on an individual contract basis and purchaser has elected to purchase the ready-made sail only as a more economical alternative.

1) Plan your installation. Check with your local building Dept. Some installations require a building permit. We are not responsible for obtaining permits or for engineering your installation. The following information is meant as a guideline and not intended to replace the services of a structural or civil engineer. Selecting the position: Before you commence installation it is very important that you consider the most suitable location for your shade sail(s) taking into account the following: Size of the shade sail(s). Strength of existing structures intended to be anchor points. Ability to insert fixing posts. Location of barbecues or Sun direction etc. Sails should be seperated by about 18"when layered to avoid chafe. Watch out for tree branches that may also chafe the sails.

2) Unlike custom made sails that are made to fit, you have to supply supporting hardware that is in line with the corners of the sail and provides enough room to add attaching hardware or rope. It is best to make the structural element's foot print 1.5 foot larger than the sail's dimension so that variations in the sail's size is not a problem and there is enough space to add rope, links of chain, turnbuckle, shackles etc. To help you visualize the Sails, you can also use string stretched between your planned attachment points. The first step is to measure. Then make a scale drawing of the area you want shaded. 1/4 (or 1/8) inch = 1 foot.Then cut out scale drawings of the ready-made shade sails. Rotate them around to get ideas for the lay-out. Imagine a straight line from the center of the shade sail through the corner ring, that is where you need to put the attachment point. The fabric is a knit and most of the water sheds off the lowest point, but it is not waterproof. Remember the sails do not have straight lines at the edges; they are constructed with a gentle curve that deflects about 10% over the length of each edge. We have found the best looking installations have bold changes in height from one corner to the next, and that overlapping sails or multiple sails give a more interesting look.

3) The attachment points should be installed first. Therefore, install your posts with eye-nuts, and to the house, tree or whatever you have chosen to support them, add eyebolts, pad-eyes or straps. Remember, there can be substantial wind loads. (From 5.5 to 15 lb. Per square foot of sail). These loads are divided between the corners, but it is important that what they attach to be adequate. For the posts, we usually use 4" schedule 40 steel pipe (galvanized) or temporary power poles (treated) that are 6" or larger. (Click Here for information on Posts) Posts can be powder coated or painted to help protect them and provide the desired color. Steel pipe is usually found at a steel supply or pipe supply vendor. If timber posts are used, then generally use temporary power poles with a preservative added to the wood. They are usually embedded in a concrete footing, 3 ft. to 6 ft. deep and 1 ft. to 1.5 ft. in diameter. (Generally a third of the total length of steel or wood is buried so a 10' high post should have about 5' in the ground). Plumb or slightly lean back the post and support it until the concrete has dried. If the posts are tall or more than one sail is attached then larger posts are usually called for. Install Eye nuts with threaded rod through the posts with the eyes pointed at the center of the sail. Corners of buildings are excellent attachment points and we have designed a special corner clip for that application. Attaching to Fascia is generally a bad idea unless the fascia can be reinforced or tied in adequately to the rafters. Often a pad-eye can be lag bolted to headers that are above windows and doors or to the top plate at the top of the wall. Also, it is often possible to connect to remote structures with wire cable spanning the distance.

4) The sails have a stainless steel ring at each corner that must be attached to your fixing point. This can be done in a variety of ways; the best method for the "do it yourselfer" is to tie them on with a length of low stretch Dacron rope. This gives a lot of adjustability and is very strong and inexpensive. For a more high tech look you can use stainless steel "D" shackles and turnbuckles or even chain.
5) Pre-tension the sails to about 100lb by tightening the rope or turnbuckle(s).

Care of the sails: Sails can be hosed in place or taken down and gently scrubbed
with a mild detergent.

Do not leave sails up in snow prone locations during winter months and unless your installation has been engineered for permanent use they should be taken down
when windy conditions exist.

See Hardware Page for available stainless steel hardware.

Ready Made Sail Connection Details
See Hardware Page for more

To span the distance between the corner of the shade sail and the attachment point use any of these options:

Usually you need to get the sail roughly taut using chain, rope, or cable.. These let you get it roughly adjusted and somewhat taut.
Then, add tension with either a turbuckle(s) or length of rope as shown below.

5 common methods for attaching sails to fixing points:
1. 3/16" Chain
2. 1/8" wire cable
3. "D" shackles(s)
4. Turnbuckle
5. Low stretch Dacron rope

Examples Shown Below:

Shade Sails

Shade sails are a modern and stylish alternative for providing protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

At Shade 'n' Sails we can increase the value of your property whilst providing an attractive, cool and inviting environment for outdoor living.

Shade 'n' Sails manufacture all of our shade sails in our Ballarat factory thus ensuring they are of the highest quality and all of our sails are custom made to suit your requirements.

Our sails are sewn using only high quality UV stabilised thread. The fabric seams (where required), are interlocked and double stitched for maximum strength.

Seat belt webbing is sewn around the edge of the sails to assist in keeping the sail under tension. In each corner a stainless steel ring is sewn ready for connection with stainless steel fittings.

The sails are fixed to anchoring points, whether these be brackets placed on existing buildings, or steel posts embedded in concrete footings. The posts and/or brackets can be left galvanised or powder coated with a large colour range to choose from.

The sails are tensioned up tight to provide greater resistance to wear and tear of the fabric, and to keep the sail looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The shadecloth fabric is a premium high grade extra heavy duty shademesh, specifically designed for use under tension.

This fabric offers up to 96% UV protection, comes in a variety of colours and also carries a ten year manufacturers warranty against UV degration.

Our shade sail services are flexible to suit your needs. We can manufacture and install your sail including the steelwork, or we can simply supply you with the sail for you to install.

Shade Sails

Features Benefits
Premium high grade extra heavy duty shade cloth fabric Offers up to 96% UV protection
Minimal stretch over time

Cloth fabric has a 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation Peace of mind for years to come

Custom made Manufactured to suit your individual area and requirements

Sewing using UV stabilised thread Longer life expectancy

Seams (where required) are interlocked and double stitched Greater strength for your sail
Longer life expectancy

Stainless steel hardware Fixing hardware will not rust and bind up
Quality that lasts

Seat belt webbing is sewn around the perimeter of the sail Improves the strength of the sail
Maintains the tension of the sail

Posts and brackets can be left galvanised or powder coated Compliments your existing décor

Large range of colours Compliments your existing décor

Choose from mesh or waterproof fabrics Your individual requirements can be met
Mesh fabric can provide sun protection
Waterproof fabric can provide sun and rain protection

SSS101Shade Sails
Code : SSS101
SSS102Shade Sails
Code : SSS102
SSS103Shade Sails
Code : SSS103
SSS104Shade Sails
Code : SSS104
SSS105Shade Sails
Code : SSS105

Tension Membrane Structure

Waterproof shade structures or tensile membranes are used for all types of applications, due to the versatility of the fabrics and your imagination!

Shade 'n' Sails can creatively design and engineer a structure to suit your requirements.

Shade 'n' Sails are at the leading edge of design, fabrication and installation of tension membrane structures worldwide.

State of the art fabrics are transformed by Shade 'n' Sails into innovative and practical solutions for our Australian and International customers. These fabrics include PVC, PVDF coated PVC, Teflon coated PVC, perforated PVC and HDPE knitted shadecloth.

Many projects have been completed in countries including USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, just to name a few

Shade 'n' Sails can provide complete design and construction services including 3D rendered conceptual designs of your project so you and your client can see exactly what they will be receiving.

From the drawings we then extrapolate steelwork shop drawings and fabric cutting patterns.

All steelwork is hot dip galvanised with the option of powdercoating, with a large range of colours to choose from. Stainless steel or galvanised fittings are used to compliment each structure.

Shade 'n' Sails are more than capable of designing, creating and installing your solution whether it be protection from sun, rain, hail or wind.

SSS201Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS201
SSS202Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS202
SSS203Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS203
SSS204Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS204
SSS205Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS205
SSS206Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS206
SSS207Tension Membrane Structure
Code : SSS207

Shade Structures

What kind of Business is suitable for Shade Structures ?( Low cost)
Shade structures are an ideal alternative to shade sails, especially on school playgrounds where heights are a problem for the shade sails.

Not only are they low cost and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can be used on a vast variety of areas including swimming pools, playgrounds, sports venues and residential backyards, just to name a few.

Shade structures are available in shapes and sizes to suit most areas.

With a wide range of standard models available, we can usually meet your requirements, however if the need arises, we can also custom design and manufacture a shade structure to suit your specifications.

Shade protection over playground equipment not only protects children from harsh UV rays, it increases the life of the equipment and more importantly resulting in cooler equipment for children to be able to play on.

All structures are fully engineered.

You can choose either shadecloth or waterproof fabric with a large range of colours to choose from.

The mesh fabric offers up to 96% UV protection and carries a ten year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation.

The waterproof fabric offers 100% UV protection and carries a seven year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation.

The steelwork is galvanised with the option of powdercoating, with a large range of colours to choose from.

The canopies have supporting upright posts, either embedded in their own concrete footing or directly bolted to existing concrete, if suitable.

The fabric is stretched over the top frame, and tensioned up with a stainless perimeter cable to provide greater resistance to wear and tear.

Post pads are also available.

Features Benefits
All structures are fully engineered Your guarantee of a safe and secure structure for years to come

Standard sizes or custom made Whatever your area specifications, we can tailor a structure to suit your individual needs

Premium high grade extra heavy duty shade cloth fabric Offers up to 96% UV protection
Minimal stretch over time

Cloth fabric has a 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation Peace of mind for years to come

Waterproof fabric available Block out 100% of UV rays
Your area is usable despite the weather
Fabric carries a seven year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation

Mesh covers are sewn using UV stabilised thread Longer life expectancy

Waterproof covers are high frequency welded together Cover is stronger and more durable
Cover is water tight

Playground equipment is protected Equipment will remain cooler, allowing for more play hours
The life of your equipment will be increased

Galvanised or powder coated steelwork Compliment your existing area

Variable heights Tall play equipment is not an issue, as we can customise the height of your structure to suit

Linked structures available Large areas can be covered

Removable covers Covers can be removed and stored during cooler months, thus extending the life of the cover

SSS301Shade Structures
Code : SSS301
SSS302Shade Structures
Code : SSS302
SSS303Shade Structures
Code : SSS303
SSS304Shade Structures
Code : SSS304
SSS305Shade Structures
Code : SSS305
SSS306Shade Structures
Code : SSS306
SSS307Shade Structures
Code : SSS307
SSS308Shade Structures
Code : SSS308
SSS309Shade Structures
Code : SSS309
SSS310Shade Structures
Code : SSS310
SSS311Shade Structures
Code : SSS311
SSS312Shade Structures
Code : SSS312
SSS313Shade Structures
Code : SSS313


Shade 'n' Sails' umbrellas offer a long life whilst maintaining their striking appearance.

Ideal for pools, patios, terraces, open air restaurants, resorts, alfresco dining, parks, hotels, just to name a few.

The problem of standard canvas umbrellas blowing over in the wind and being unstable is eliminated with these magnificent structures. Tensioned up so there is minimal fabric movement, these umbrellas come in a wide range of colours for both the fabric and steel work.

The steelwork is constructed using either powder coated galvanised steel or polished stainless steel. All underneath cables used are also stainless steel.

The umbrellas can be bolted to existing concrete slabs, timber decking or set in their own concrete footing.

Our range includes both fixed and collapsible models.

Centre posts and cantilever options are available.

The collapsible umbrellas are quickly and easily raised and lowered with a winch handle that detaches from the main shaft once finished. This allows the lovely smooth appearance of the umbrellas to be retained.

Most models carry a wind rating of W33 (120km/h), so can be left up in most weather conditions. Higher wind rated units are available upon request.

The canopy is made from either acrylic coated PVC or a PVDF coated fabric with warranties starting from seven years. Both fabrics are pre-treated with anti-fungal, anti-mildew and UV degradation properties.

Logos on the umbrellas are an option to enhance the visibility of your enterprise.

Code : SSS401
Code : SSS402
Code : SSS403

Special Promotion

Stainless windowStainless window

Stainless window (80x110 cm) at 5,500 Baht/Task.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Roller Shutter ElectronicRoller Shutter Electronic

Roller Shutter Electronic (best color quality) with installation Start from 21,500 Baht.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Dull Stainless GateDull Stainless Gate

Dull Stainless Gate with installed 9,500 Baht/sqm.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Automatic Slide Gate (DC)Automatic Slide Gate (DC)

Automatic Gate Opener for Slide gate (DC), UPS imported with installed at 24,995 Baht/Set.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545