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Polycarbonate awning

We are a specialized awning polycarbonate dealer. We use polycarbonate sheet products from America, China and Taiwan which have a variety of colors and sizes. Our products also offer durable, lightweight, translucent awnings with high quality UV resistant material. We have both steel and stainless steel awnings, beautiful and modern, installed by our professional technicians.

Polycarbonate sheets come in many grades. But we use polycarbonate sheet grade A from Taiwan, which has a 20% Light transmission and blocks 99% of UV radiation. Lifetime is over 15 years. Frames are available for stainless and steel awnings. The color does not peel. And the product is anti-moss with many colors to choose from. Includes a 10 year warrantee.

AP001Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP001
AP002Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP002
AP003Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP003
AP004Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP004
AP005Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP005
AP006Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP006
AP007Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP007
AP008Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP008
AP009Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP009
AP010Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP010
AP011Polycarbonate awning
Code : AP011

Metal Sheet Awning

Sheet metal is now widely used for roofing material because of its quality, durability and versatility of application. Leaking and cracking are common problems with other types of roofing materials, sheet metal solves these common problems and provides a lifetime of low maintenance while adding value to your property investment. Sheet metal roofing is easy to install, affordable, and many options for color and thickness are available. In addition, sheet metal can be configured to many designs adding function and beauty to your property.

All models been subjected to a coating process in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2728-which provides up to 85% reflection and heat radiation.

Metal Sheet Awning. The metal sheet is very thick aluminum zinc plated. It is suitable for anyone interested in a garage roof or factory sheet because of its great reflection and heat blocking ability. Lifetime is over 15 years. 5-6 Selection colors and a 3 years warrantee.

AM001Metal Sheet Awning
Code : AM001
AM002Metal Sheet Awning
Code : AM002
AM003Metal Sheet Awning
Code : AM003

Delight (D-Lite). Awning

Delight (D-Lite). Awning

This product is made from high quality resin. reinforced with fiberglass and manufactured to AS / NZS 4256.3: 1994 Australian standards. The surface is coated with a special grade of Melinex film to increase lifespan. and the bottom surface is coated with a Melinex film.

Because the Delight (D-Lite) awning gives natural light; white light distribution is ideal. Delight (D-Lite) awnings can be installed as a do-it-yourself project quickly and easily. Delight (D-Lite) awning enhances the beauty of your property adding modern architectural design. and it is suitable for walkways, arched building entrances, Garage roof , swimming pool covers, Tree nursery, room wall, ceiling, backyard roof, Interior and exterior decoration materials.

Features and advantages of Delight (D-Lite) Awning

  • Anti-UV radiation more than 99%.
  • Create a modern home.
  • Brightness and thorough light distribution.
  • Delight (D-Lite) is soil resistant and drains well.
  • Allows comfortable natural light to shine through.
  • Can be designed and installed with structural steel and wood.
  • One of the best heat reflecting roofing materials available.
  • Appropriate to show in a beautiful home, or use as front office awning,and a garage roof, but not suitable for industrial applications.

Product details

  • Weight of 1.8 kg. /m2.
  • Wave height 8 mm.
  • Width 1 m.
  • Minimum bending radius 1 m.
  • Thickness of a sheet 1.20 mm.
  • Sheet standard length 6 m. and 12 m.

Slope of the roof shall not be less than 5 degrees or more.
Otherwise It will not drain properly

Sheet Awning is identical tiles in a double wave pattern. It allows 40% of light to pass through and has a lifespan over 10years, and a 3 year warrantee.

AD001Delight (D-Lite). Awning
Code : AD001

Aluminum Awning

Aluminum awning with steel frame. Steel box 1.2 mm. thick. Paint by order. Leaf canopy color selection. We have quality, affordable aluminum awning. with a lifetime of over 20 years.

Aluminum awning has several grades however, we use leaves of aluminum from USA (Grade A) the lifetime of our aluminum is more than 20 years, and the awning is strong, durable ,and many color choices are available with a 3 year warrantee.

AA001Aluminum Awning
Code : AA001
AA002Aluminum Awning
Code : AA002
AA003Aluminum Awning
Code : AA003
AA004Aluminum Awning
Code : AA004
AA005Aluminum Awning
Code : AA005
AA006Aluminum Awning
Code : AA006
AA008Aluminum Awning
Code : AA008

Special Promotion

Stainless Spiral StaircaseStainless Spiral Staircase

Stainless Spiral Stair spicial price. Please contact us.
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Curved SteelCurved Steel

Curved Steel for Window (80x110 cm) at 1,600 Baht/Task.
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Stainless FenceStainless Fence

Stainless Fence start from 4,500 Baht.
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Steel FenceSteel Fence

Steel Fence start from 2,500 Baht.
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