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Stainless Handrail

SLH001Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH001
SLH002Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH002
SLH003Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH003
SLH004Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH004
SLH005Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH005
SLH007Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH007
SLH008Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH008
SLH009Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH009
SLH010Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH010
SLH0011Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH0011
SLH011Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH011
SLH012Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH012
SLH013Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH013
SLH014Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH014
SLH015Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH015
SLH016Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH016
SLH017Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH017
SLH018Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH018
SLH019Stainless Handrail
Code : SLH019

Stainless Fence

SLF001Stainless Fence
Code : SLF001
SLF002Stainless Fence
Code : SLF002
SLF003Stainless Fence
Code : SLF003
SLF004Stainless Fence
Code : SLF004
SLF005Stainless Fence
Code : SLF005
SLF006Stainless Fence
Code : SLF006
SLF007Stainless Fence
Code : SLF007

Stainless Staircase

SLSC001Stainless Staircase
Code : SLSC001
SLSC002Stainless Staircase
Code : SLSC002
SLSC003Stainless Staircase
Code : SLSC003
SLSC004Stainless Staircase
Code : SLSC004
SLSC005Stainless Staircase
Code : SLSC005

Stainless Gate

Mild Stainless Gate

Luxurious design and durability for your lovely home. Make your property more comfortable with mild stainless gates.

SLGT1001Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1001
SLGT1002Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1002
SLGT1003Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1003
SLGT1004Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1004
SLGT1005Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1005
SLGT1006Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1006
SLGT1007Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1007
SLGT1008Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1008
SLGT1009Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1009
SLGT1010Mild Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT1010

Stainless Gate Only

Increase privacy by choosing a unique personal design.

SLGT2001Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2001
SLGT2002Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2002
SLGT2003Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2003
SLGT2004Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2004
SLGT2005Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2005
SLGT2006Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2006
SLGT2007Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2007
SLGT2008Stainless Gate Only
Code : SLGT2008

Wooden Stainless Gate

Luxurious design from stainless interweave with woodwork. Integrate your home with nature by adding a beautiful wooden stainless gate.

SLGT3001Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3001
SLGT3002Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3002
SLGT3003Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3003
SLGT3004Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3004
SLGT3005Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3005
SLGT3006Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3006
SLGT3007Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3007
SLGT3008Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3008
SLGT3009Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3009
SLGT3010Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3010
SLGT3011Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3011
SLGT3012Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3012
SLGT3013Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3013
SLGT3014Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3014
SLGT3015Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3015
SLGT3016Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3016
SLGT3017Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3017
SLGT3018Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3018
SLGT3019Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3019
SLGT3020Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3020
SLGT3021Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3021
SLGT3022Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3022
SLGT3023Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3023
SLGT3024Wooden Stainless Gate
Code : SLGT3024

Stainless Window

SLW001Stainless Window
Code : SLW001
SLW002Stainless Window
Code : SLW002
SLW003Stainless Window
Code : SLW003
SLW004Stainless Window
Code : SLW004
SLW005Stainless Window
Code : SLW005
SLW006Stainless Window
Code : SLW006

Stainless Door

SLD001Stainless Door
Code : SLD001 : Stainless Modern Pivot Door
SLD002Stainless Door
Code : SLD002 : Layered Stainless Door
SLD003Stainless Door
Code : SLD003 : Stainless Door Leefong
SLD004Stainless Door
Code : SLD004 : Sliding Door
SLD005Stainless Door
Code : SLD005 : Copper
SLD006Stainless Door
Code : SLD006
SLD007Stainless Door
Code : SLD007
SLD008Stainless Door
Code : SLD008
SLD009Stainless Door
Code : SLD009
SLD010Stainless Door
Code : SLD010
SLD011Stainless Door
Code : SLD011
SLD012Stainless Door
Code : SLD012
SLD013Stainless Door
Code : SLD013

Stainless Spiral Stair

001Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS001
002Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS002
003Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS003
004Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS004
005Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS005
006Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS006
007Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS007
008Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS008
009Stainless Spiral Stair
Code : SLSS009

Special Promotion

Roller Shutter ManualRoller Shutter Manual

Roller Shutter Manual. Hand pull door coil system. (Best color quality) with installed at 5,500 Baht/Set.
Contact Phuket Imperial Stainless Co., Ltd.
Mobilephone: 0852896666
or international call +66852896666

Curved SteelCurved Steel

Curved Steel for Window (80x110 cm) at 1,600 Baht/Task.
Contact Phuket Imperial Stainless Co., Ltd.
Mobilephone: 0852896666
or international call +66852896666

Powder CoatingPowder Coating

Powder Coating. Spray paint services with modern equipment. Special price of product launches 40%.
Contact Phuket Imperial Stainless Co., Ltd.
Mobilephone: 0852896666
or international call +66852896666

Wooden Stainless GateWooden Stainless Gate

Wooden Stainless Gate include motor control by remote. With installation 75,000 Baht per set (Standrad size 2 m.x 4 m.)
Contact Phuket Imperial Stainless Co., Ltd.
Mobilephone: 0852896666
or international call +66852896666