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Stainless Factory Co., Ltd., we provide design, installation , and service with a team with 10 years experience. We are the experts in stainless steel design and construction. We proudly serve residential and commerical customers by designing, installing and maintaining all stainless work. We also provide import - export stainless steel products such as shafts, tubes, stainless sheets (304, 316L) made with high grade material. We guarantee the quality of our professional team. You can contact us at the following channels.

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Stainless Factory Co., Ltd.

We will design and customize decorations for your residence.

"Stainless" or "Stainless steel" is a general name used for describing a group of metals with high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is alloy steel and carbon components combined. But lower carbon and a higher content of chromium approximately 10.5% results in a chromium oxide film surface providing excellent corrosion resistance.

Stainless Factory Co., Ltd.With unique features such as anti-rust, and low cost maintenance; combined with the ease of fabrication, stainless steel is the ultimate material to add long lasting value to your property.

The beautiful shapes and variety textures are easy to clean. Presently, they are available in a wide range of colors processed by electrochemical plating coating. We can make stainless steel in gold, green, silver, bronze and black colors.

With our extensive experience. We ensure that our stainless gates and other products installed by us will impress you.

We guarantee of every piece of work.

New Products

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Code PC005

Automatic Door

Automatic Door (DC) Code DP 327 K


White Vinyl Gutter

Special Promotion

Stainless Spiral StaircaseStainless Spiral Staircase

Stainless Spiral Stair spicial price. Please contact us.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Roller Shutter ElectronicRoller Shutter Electronic

Roller Shutter Electronic (best color quality) with installation Start from 21,500 Baht.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Awning PolycarbonateAwning Polycarbonate

Awning Polycarbonate sheet with installation 2,600 Baht/sqm.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545

Roller Shutter ManualRoller Shutter Manual

Roller Shutter Manual. Hand pull door coil system. (Best color quality) with installed at 5,500 Baht/Set.
Contact Stainless Factory Co., Ltd. Mobile : Chai 065-2544545